Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back to School!

Summer is quickly coming to an end. That means People Children are busy buying up school supplies and pinning Bento Box ideas. Bark City and Know Thy Dog Training Center are busy getting our four-footed children ready as well! Here are some of the upcoming events:

Bark City's "Back To School Party"  on Sept. 10th!
FYI.... Bark City holds themed parties the last Wednesday of every month. Dogs come home full of wags and ready to nap... with a pupcake (or other treat) in tote!

Know Thy Dog Puppy Classes!
Puppy Kindergarten is a 2-week  introductory class for puppies 8-12 weeks old. In this class, your puppy will begin proper socialization with other puppies, adult dogs and strangers, learn the process for easy crate training, learn techniques to curb mouthing and biting, begin leash walking, basic commands and off-leash control!
Puppy Elementary is a 6-week class for puppies 10-20 weeks old. Furry Students will focus on building a foundation of default polite behavior, basic obedience commands, impulse control, off-leash control and owners will learn how to build a leadership-parenting relationship in their home.

Know Thy Dog also offers FREE 30-minute Behavior Evaluations and has several puppy and adult dog training programs. For more information on Puppy Classes or to discuss a specific behavior issue, call Kelly Engel at 406-600-9422 or register online at Her office is located in Bark City's facility: 149 Village Center Lane, Bozeman, MT 591718

*Classes are held on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 7:15pm, starting at the end of August and early September so register now!!

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