Saturday, September 28, 2013

All Things CATS on Etsy

Of course I am going to make this post about kittens, because I have two new members in my family!! Meet Storm (aka Storm Trooper) and Duplo (aka Duple and Princes Duplo...we had a really hard time naming her).

Storm and Duplo napping together


As a celebration, I decided to do some Etsy surfing for all things kitten related:

I REALLY, REALLY love this "Cat Cave". This link is just for the tutorial on how to do it. But, there are lots of Caves out there for purchase on Etsy.

 This Toy box is by CollegeViewCrafts. I like the idea of it. Right now, I have all the cat toys in a shoe box (not so stylish).

  This shop has a lot of handmade felt toys. The popcorn can be "butter scented" or filled with catnip.

I think I will make a couple of these scratching posts with the huge tree branch that landed in my yard from a storm that hit tonight. BUT if you would prefer to just buy one, you can find them here.

And last but not least:

SOMETHING FOR THE DOGS!! (The Original Toasty Pet Bed)

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