Monday, November 18, 2013

Felt Dog Bone Garland

This week, I got a little crafty and made dog bone garland out of a wool sweater I bought at the thrift store, left over red ribbon, snowflakes from the dollar store and embroidery floss.

I am pretty happy with the results!

Felting a wool sweater is easy to do: just throw a 100% wool sweater in the washing machine and then put it in the dryer. People do this on accident everyday! You can also buy felt at craft stores, but I find that sweaters can give you interesting textures, thickness and patterns. 

I've been thinking of pet-safe alternatives for Christmas decorating. One of the most dangerous decorations is TINSEL. Pets can be tempted to eat it. If they do, it can wreak havoc on their digestion tract causing severe medical problems to death. The garland I made will definitely be placed up high on a wall where my cats cannot reach it. The floss they will bite in half (and swallow) and the plastic snowflakes have little bits of tinsel on them.... I can also see dogs having fun chewing up the plastic snowflakes. I think a big ribbon would be more appropriate for wrapping around the tree. (I'll post pictures when I actually do it!)

Until then, we will be making some felt ornaments and more felt garland in the coming month. Another great thing about felting wool: It is great for DIY pet toys!!

FYI-- You can check out more felt garland ideas on our Pinterest Holiday Board.

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