Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Face Lift

Yes, we gave ourselves a facelift. This is still Bark City's blog!
(read below for a couple of announcements)

News and Announcements!

  • Our next party is Feb. 14th! Bring your dog in for daycare and they can join in the festivities. 
  • We have decided to have a little fun competition for our employees. Our wonderful staff is always taking pictures of our four-legged friends and we think they deserve a big thank you! Each month we will post an album of the photographs. Which ever picture gets the most likes, the employee that took the picture wins a gift card to somewhere in town. We will show the winning picture by making it our cover photo and posting it on our blog. So help us Thank our great staff by liking the pictures (and liking us on Facebook!) January album is already posted and will continue until the last day of the month.

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