Wednesday, January 15, 2014

8 things you can DIY for Your Dog

Actually, one of these things is for your cat...

We have been getting a lot of "pins" lately on our Pinterest account for DIY toys, so I thought I would post some of the favorites:

 A cute Kitty TeePee by MustBeMelissa .

This image was not linked to the original website. But, you can sort of see the blurry logo on the bottom. I like the simplicity of ripping off some cabinet doors and throwing the dog bed in there... and maybe making it decorative while your at it.

 This one goes a step further and puts a crate inside the cabinet! Now you have a nifty bedside table, your dog can sleep with you AND not eat out of the garbage while you are sleeping. Again, there was no original website linked to this image.

Making and canning your own dog food by Canning Granny.

Dog Toys!! Again, no website linked to the image. But, it's pretty self-explanatory. 

This one is labeled, "33 DIY Dog Toys from Things Around The House" by The Bark Post.

And last... This dog bed from an end table turned upside down by The Speckled Dog.

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