Thursday, March 20, 2014

"Cats"-- by a third grader

 Last week was my son's science fair and he decided to do his presentation on cats. He is pretty obsessed with cats. It might trump his obsession with Minecraft. My prediction is that he will grow up to be a Zoologist or something and specialize in big cats.

Because of all the hard work he put into his presentation, I thought I would share it with you. Honestly, I found myself surprised by some of the facts he found! I have left it unedited, though these are my pictures. He used images off of the internet and I didn't feel right using someone else's photographs for my blog.

Here is a third grader's research on cats:


Cats have a tail and whiskers so they can feel and balance. If you cut off a cat's whiskers, it will lose it's balance and will not be able to feel . A cat's whiskers can be white, black and also gray. Please do not cut off a cat's whiskers. A cat's whiskers are a sensory organ like our fingers . If you cut off a cat's whiskers they will not be able to feel around their environment and might get hurt.


A cat's smell is ten times better than a human's smell. They have 200 million odor sensitive cells in their noses compared to only 5 million for humans. They can smell a mile away. If the wind is stronger they can smell farther. Cats have sensory organs in their mouth called Jacobson organs. They are connected to their nose and help them smell better.


Cats can hear better than humans. Cats can hear around 35 feet away . Cats have 30 muscles in their ears. A cat's ears can get damaged by a loud noise . Cats have fluid crystals in their ears too. Cats can hear low and high sounds that humans cannot hear. Be careful to a cat's ears and respect them.


The most important food of their diet is meat . Cats have to eat meat every day . Cats can not eat candy, cake, pie, ice cream, donuts, garlic, or onion . NEVER feed cats those foods. They could die. Kittens need to be fed two tablespoons, three times a day for two months. Then, twice a day until four month old. Then once a day. Cats can only drink cat milk and water . PLEASE keep cats healthy.


Cats do not have eye sight like people. Cats can only see at about 20 feet away. Humans can see 200 feet away. Cats do not see colors as well as humans. But, cats have better night vision because they have more rod cells than humans. Rod cells are cells in your eyeball that are responsible for night vision.


Cats purr when they are hurt or when they want to communicate. Cats purr when they have babies too. Purring helps them heal as well . Cats sometimes purr when they are worried. If you hit a cat they will not purr any more. But do not hit a cat because it is not nice to do.


I hope you learned a lot about cats today. I had fun too. Cats are all around the world. Cats are good animals.

Cats !!!

My mom helped me create this project.

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