Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter for Dogs

 Who says Easter is only for Humans? Here are some great little gifts you can get your four-legged children:

  These Collars from DoggieCustomCouture

This squeak toy from FuglyFriend. The best thing about it is the stuffed heart inside! Once your dog has chewed up the toy, there is a fortune! 

Cookies are always good. These are from PosBagOfBones.Treats are baked to order, all-natural, organic and 5% of sales is donated to ASPCA.

A treat tote from Shortysgourmettreats. These treats are baked to order, all-natural and organic.


Or the conventional Easter Basket from SweetPaisleyTreats! This bunny is made out of recycled plastic bottles and the "chocolate" is Carob. Remember to NEVER give your dog chocolate. CHOCOLATE = POISON.

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