Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas for Dogs

Great News! Our Candy Store is finally open! Pictures of some of our goodies are up on Bark City's Facebook Page. We were a little late on our projected opening of December 1th, but it's ready just in time for Christmas! With that being said, I would also like to remind you that our annual Secret Santa is up and running. If you would like your dog to participate, please sign them up TODAY (deadline is the 15th!).  

How it works:
We will post who each dog has (name and breed). All gifts must be brought into the daycare by the 23rd. This will allow owners time to come pick up presents for their pup before Christmas. If any of the dogs are boarding, we will have them open their gifts Christmas morning and post pictures on Facebook. Any dogs that are not boarding, we would love the owners to post pictures of their dogs gifts on Facebook! It's always fun to see what everyone received!

The last few things I will post down below are a couple of stocking stuffer ideas that I got off of Etsy. As usual, I will link the shop name to the etsy store for convenience. 

This ruff and tumble dog toy is made by Squishy Face Studio. It's the perfect gift for that friend who always has dislocated shoulders from playing tug-o-war with their dog. 

Meet Macro the Monster by Creature Creations 4. This guy is made from super durable upholstery fabric and double stitched. The inside has a squeaker, rattle and polyfill. Plus, the monster's face is priceless.

This dog toy is made from 100% recycled Maine lobster rope. It has a tennis ball secured in the middle and a long handle for an easier time of playing fetch. It is handmade by Mainely Fish Print.

And lets not forget local West Paw! Especially this guy: 

They call him the "Boogey Man". But let's face it, he looks kind of like this childhood Christmas memory:

 And my last picture is from this great, little doggy daycare I have heard so much about. Rumor has it, they just opened a candy store.....

Just look at those reindeer eyes poking out of the box! p.s... a little back stage fact: Bark City Owner, Elizabeth Stensland's husband made all of the fantastic shelves for this store... oh, he also built the whole building... no biggie... he is just great at what he does!

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