Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Five Modern Dog Houses

We've had a lot going on at Bark City lately, between our new Unleashed Adventure hikes, printing bakery bags for the candy store, playing with pooches and... well... just having fun. This week, I decided to post something a little different- Modern Dog Houses. No longer are dog houses looking like a square with a triangle on top. Nope, they are starting to get fancy and artsy-fartsy.

This one is from Designer Dog House. They make a bunch of really cool dog houses in a variety of themes.

Simple and minimalistic. This dog house is made by Modular Dog.

This one is by far my favorite. Too bad it is made in Greece and I live in the United States. I don't even want to guess what the shipping would cost. Regardless, the artistic mastermind behind this dog house is Artistude.

 I wonder if the dog would feel uncomfortable undressing in front of windows? This one is by Lonely Tinkerer.

And last, but not least, the dog house for the inside of a human house. I really like this one. Maybe it's because my favorite color is orange or maybe I jealous of the sheep skin throw. Regardless, it's by madshome.

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