Tuesday, June 30, 2015

6 Products to Keep Your Dog Cool

 A heat wave has been hitting us hard lately, so I thought I would do a quick post on a few products that will help keep your dog cool:

Bone shaped pool:

This pool is quite expensive: almost $300 on Amazon. But, it seems to be the best pool out there for dogs. All the dog lovers are raving about it. It is made out of truck bed liner material, which means it is tough and durable (chew resistant). It also has a brass cap and drain for emptying the water and is UV resistant. This pool comes in a a few different colors, but white is supposed to be the best because it will keep the water cool for a longer period of time (white = reflection of sunlight). If you would like to fork over more money, you can also get a pool deck kit:

The pool deck is made out of cypress wood and comes in four preassembled sides. It should take 10 minutes to assemble and has a drain extension. This company, One Dog One Bone, also sells paw shaped pools (see in the background of the above picture).

Solar Crate cover:

This blanket is 10' x 12' long (BIG!) and made of highly reflective material. It's special weave, allows air to circulate while it blocks out the sun. On Amazon, it will cost you $76.99. The grommets around the nylon edge make this blanket very versatile for other uses besides covering your dog's crate.

Cooling vest:

Dogs don't sweat like you or I (humans), so the only way they release heat is through panting and  through their paws. Because of their limited ability to rid the body of excess heat, dogs can easily overheat. This cooling vest by RuffWear cools your dog the same way a human sweats to cool off: evaporative cooling. Simply soak this vest in water and attach to your dog. As the water evaporates, your dog's heat is transferred into the air. Thus, cooling your dog. It's light color also aids in reflecting the sun. This vest will run you about $60.

Hydro Ring:

This molded rubber ring has a highly absorbent foam core. Simply soak this toy in water and as your dog chews, the water is slowly released through the little holes keeping your dog hydrated as he/she plays. This toy can also be froze and will cost you $9.99 at Hugs Pet Products.

Crate Fan:

This little fan attaches to your dog's crate allowing extra ventilation. It is quiet, has two speeds and will run for about 100 hours on batteries. Costs around $10.

Cool Bed:

 A water bed for a dog! The outer shell is made of a tough and durable material that your dog's claws won't puncture. Simply fill the bed with water and the "Unique Cool Core diverts the liquid for ultimate cooling power".  It comes in three different sizes. The cost starts at around $70 and comes with a 2-year warranty.

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