Saturday, September 5, 2015

Healing with Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice that we see and use every day. Aside from it's very pleasant flavor, it has potent health benefits for humans and canines. There are two types of cinnamon: Ceylon Cinnamon and Cinnamon Cassia. Cinnamon Cassia is generally what will be found in your kitchen. The one that is considered healthier is Ceylon Cinnamon. The reason: Cinnamon Cassia contains a compound called coumarin. When ingested in large quantities and on a daily basis, the coumarin in Cinnamon Cassia can damage the liver. If used sparingly, Cinnamon Cassia is harmless. That being said, Ceylon Cinnamon is safer if you are worried about liver damage and/or like to eat large quantities of cinnamon.

What is said all over the internet about the health benefits of Cinnamon?

Like I said above, this was found on the internet. I am not a medical doctor, veterinarian nor am I a Holistic practitioner. As I always advise, do your own research and consult a veterinarian before supplementing your furry friend. I also advise that if Fido decides it would be awesome to chew his way through a cinnamon bottle, you should contact your vet. Inhaling Cinnamon could be very painful, irritating and cause some respiratory problems. Large quantities of cinnamon could also cause an irritated bowel (not fun for anyone involved). But if used sparingly as a supplement, is safe and can be beneficial. Here is a link providing dosages according to weight.

Now that I have listed the health benefits and typed out my medical disclaimer, I should list the cautions I have found:

Cinnamon oil? What is that? Cinnamon can be ingested as a powder (what you find in your kitchen) or as an essential oil. Essential oils are VERY concentrated and VERY powerful. A small amount goes a long, long ways. I suggest that if you decide to go with the essential oil, make sure that it is therapeutic grade and research the correct dosage for the oil. The link I provided above is for powder, not oil.  Cinnamon also has anti-clotting properties. Dogs that have bleeding disorders need to be evaluated by a veterinarian before using cinnamon as a supplement. 

With all that said, enjoy cinnamon. Next week, I will post some recipes for treats that involve cinnamon. ;)

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