Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dog Costumes 2015

Is it really that time of year already? Bark City's Howlleen costume contest/ party is just around the corner. To get you all pumped up for it, I am going to keep this blog post short and sweet with just a few costume ideas:

Minions are always popular: By My Knitt      .

A Ladybug: by Pugs N Giggles

An awesome bat, or you could get super creative and turn this into Toothless (How To Train Your Dragon) by: The Recycled Wino

A simple Hello Kitty hoodie that your dog could also wear year round by: Puppy Doggy Clothes.

A loofah complete with a rubber ducky by: Create Alley

All of these costumes can be found on Etsy (hence the links provided). But, I'm not necessarily saying the dog that wins the contest will be in a store bought costume. These photos are just to get ideas rolling in your head. Whether handmade of store bought, we will be looking for creativity. I am sure your panel of judges (All dog lovers that want to oogle over pictures of dogs in costumes on Facebook and press the "like" button) will appreciate the ingenious canines at our Howlleen party.

Have fun!

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