Monday, October 26, 2015

Five Dog Jackets to Keep Your Canine Warm

This week will be a bit more short, sweet and to the point. Winter is right around the corner and those short haired dogs will need a little extra layer to keep them warm. Here are five dog jackets that I found on Etsy. Keep in Mind, these jackets are practical for the everyday wear of going outside to go to the bathroom or short walks around the block. If you are going to take your four-legged friend on a long hike, you would probably want something a bit more substantial to keep the wind and snow blocked. I have added the links to the Etsy shops below each picture for your convenience.

 Because who doesn't love a Sugar Skull? By Patience Way Shop.

Obviously the name is across the picture, but here is the link to the shop.

Maybe it's just the picture, but I think this one is just lovely. It is by K9 Trading Company.

A classic long sleeve by Happy Pooch.

A hand knitted hoodie by Couch Potato Dog Knits.

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