Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dog Sweaters!! 2016 Edition

Winter is coming. Yes dogs have fur, but dogs do get cold. As an owner, you must prepare your dog to venture out into the cold much like you prepare yourself. Here is a quick article on recognizing when your dog is cold, what dogs are more susceptible to getting cold and what you can do about it: Winter Care For Dogs.

In the meantime, like I do every year, I would like to show you some fun dog sweaters for this up and coming season. Like always, I will have the link to the Etsy Shop where you can purchase the sweater from below the image:

This sweater is by BilleShop. Unfortunately, it is only for small dogs. Large dogs will not be able to express their love of owls this season.

GAME OF THRONES by Dog Sweaters By Maggs. I don't think I need any further explanation on this awesomeness.

Dog Pajamas for an Italian Greyhound by Duds 4 Buds Too. If only there was a butt flap. Don't worry though, the belly region is open for bathroom breaks.

Now Man's Best Friend can fashionable display Man's Favorite Team by Quilt N Crochet. They have all sorts of sports teams, so you can pick your favorite.

And finally, something a little more practical for that outdoorsy friend by Voyagers K9 Apparel.

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