Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving with a Buddy

This is Buddy. 

Buddy is about 12-yrs-old and thinks his life is really rough (this picture was taken after he ate his morning dose of scrambled eggs). As with most Bassett Hounds, he always looks depressed. Unless, he is out on a "speed walk" with his human companions.... He REALLY perks up when he hears the familiar click of his leash coming off during these walks and he is FREE to roam!

This is Buddy's best friend Ollie: 

She showed him how to use the dog door (complete with a look of superiority). She is older than Buddy, but can still bat a suspicious piece of plastic around like no other. 

This is Buddy playing "Fashion Girls":

These are Buddy's new favorite treats:

Remember last week when I said I was going to make gingerbread dog treats? Well, I got a little sidetracked and went to the movie instead (With five kids and adult family members!). The dough, which has to chill for 3.5 hrs, ended up chilling for more like three days. BUT, they turned out fine!! Baking them was a rush job since I was heading back home in the morning. So, there was no cookie cutters and kids involved. Instead, it was me using the old peanut butter cookie technique of fork impressions. The important thing to note is that Buddy LOVED them. And he is a very picky eater... unless it is Prime Rib. 

Where is my Prime Rib?