Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Foods You Can Give Your Dog

Halloween is officially over. That means I can start talking about Thanksgiving, right? After all, it's just right around the corner and then it will be Ch******S. I'm not going to say that word quite yet. Because, we haven't even made it through Thanksgiving. Unlike the department stores, I like to focus on one holiday at a time.

Thanksgiving is a great time to lounge around, watch football, be thankful and slam food into our our mouths. Some of these foods can be shared with our four-legged loved ones and some of them can be dangerous. I've made a nifty little graphic that gives you easy reference to what you can and cannot feed your dog. Here ya' go:

Please remember that things like mac 'n cheese and cranberry sauce should be in small quantities. These are an "occasionally" treats because of the fat and sugar. Also, be careful about the pumpkin and sweet potatoes. Pumpkin and sweet potato dishes can have nutmeg in them, which is poisonous to dogs. The rule of thumb is to make sure you know what you are feeding Fido. Check the ingredients and make sure nothing sneaky is in the dish (sage, garlic, nutmeg, ect..) To make it easy for myself, before I start seasoning the heck out of everything, I set aside a small quantity of the unseasoned foods for my canines. I realize that setting aside a portion of unseasoned turkey is a difficult and unreasonable task. Especially since it needs to be thoroughly cooked before feeding it to anyone, two-legged and four-legged. I like to think of myself as a rational/ reasonable person, therefore after the turkey has been cooked, I simply remove the seasoned skin and bones from the meat I want to give to my canine companions. Everyone is happy and sane. And there are no emergency trips to the vet or GI mayhem. Let the holidays begin!!