Monday, January 26, 2015


About a month ago, I posted a question on Facebook asking if anyone feeds their dog/cat coconut oil. At the time, I was contemplating supplementing my cats' diet with coconut oil. Both cats have food
allergies and dandruff issues. I decided to go ahead and try coconut oil and the results are in: The dandruff has been eliminated, their fur is silky, shiny and full. They seem to be eating less food and are more content.

During the time of my contemplation, I did some research on coconut oil. I knew that coconut oil was great for humans (I'm kind of obsessed with it), but wanted to make sure it was safe to give to dogs/cats. What I found out is that it is GREAT for dogs/cats.

Coconut oil has a composition of medium chain fatty acids. One of these medium chain fatty acids is called lauric acid. When lauric acid is present in the body, it is converted into monolaurin. Without getting all "scientific-y" on you, I am just going to say that monolaurin is a super hero in the body: it exhibits anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-microbial properties that destroy all those enemies that infiltrate your body and make you sick. Supplementing your dog's diet with coconut oil may help a multitude of health issues including:

  • overall skin health
  • when applied topically, it can help heal cuts, wounds, hot spots, bites and stings.
  • prevents and treats yeast infections.
  • recovery from kennel cough.
  • digestion and nutrient absorption are improved. 
  • helps balance insulin.
  • weight management and increased energy.
  • brain health
  • gastrointestinal and oral health.
  • healthy immune system, metabolic function and bone health. 

Of course, I would always recommend that you talk to your veterinarian about supplementing with coconut oil and do your own research! If you do decide to give it a whirl, start your dog off slowly. Giving Fido too much too fast could result in a sick puppy.  It is recommended that you start with 1/4 tsp for a small dog or 1 tsp for a large dog every couple of days. Then slowly increase the dosage. The recommended full dosage is 1/4 tsp per 10 lbs of dog weight twice daily. You can also use it topically.

With all that said, I would like to introduce you to our new product in the candy store: CocoTherapy! We chose CocoTherapy because the coconuts are grown and processed on the same farm, therefore the quality will always be consistent. In fact, a coconut is harvested fresh and opened withing 4- 8 hours of harvesting. This company's coconut products are organic, human-grade and unrefined. I know that sounds a bit knit-picky. But when it comes to what kind of coconut oil you use, quality does matter. The way it is processed determines how much nutrients will be present in the oil. For more information, I highly recommend you browse CocoTherapy's website. These people know their coconuts!

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