Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bentonite Clay For Canines

Bentonite clay is mud. But it's not your everyday run of the mill, make a mud pie sort of mud. It's a healing mud that can be eaten or used topically. There are three types of Bentonite clay depending on the dominant mineral within it, but the clay I will be talking about is food grade Calcium Bentonite Clay (aka Animin). Bentonite clay is a negatively charged, highly absorbent substance that is mainly comprised of volcanic ash. It contains around 50 trace minerals and has historically been used for centuries as a healing remedy for a variety of ailments:

Yes and more! In fact, animals in the wild will instinctually search out and eat clay to get rid of pests or if sick. They aren't all "scientific-y" like us humans but somehow they know it works and in Layman's terms, here's how: Bentonite clay is negatively charged, when ingested the clay's negative ionic charge pulls positively charged particles (such as parasites, toxins, allergens and bacteria) from the body via the bloodstream and then eliminates them through the kidneys and bowels. The clay is not absorbed into the body, so it gets eliminated as well. It should be noted though, that when feeding your pet Bentonite clay, more is not always better. It's best to stick to the daily dosages and always provide water. Water is the key. If your pet is not drinking enough water, Bentonite clay can cause constipation or blockage.

Or just read the back of your package. This is just a general guideline I found on the internet. Links will be provided below.

If feeding Fido mud makes you a little nervous, do not fret! Bentonite clay can also be applied topically as a paste for rashes and stings. You can also soak your beloved four-legged in a luxury bath right at home. This will also help draw out toxins and reduce inflammation in the body.

As always, I need to provide a word of caution:

And Remember!! Food Grade Calcium Bentonite Clay!! Not Sodium Bentonite Clay or Magnesium Bentonite Clay or Potassium Bentonite Clay. You want Food Grade Calcium Bentonite Clay! (Also know as Animin)

For further research, here are addition links (amongst a million) I have found on the internet:

And as always, before you give your dog a new supplement, please consult a medical professional and do your own research to find out if it is the right path for your four-legged family member. 

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