Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New Prices and Club Membership

Before I get into the gritty details of our new prices, I want to first introduce something more exciting than the rest of the exciting stuff I have introduced:

THE ENRICHMENT GYM. This gym will not only be new to Bark City, but also to the whole Valley! Montana can get really cold in the winter... too cold... to do anything. We found a solution to this problem: We will have a new indoor gym! You will now be able to come exercise your dog(s) without fear of frostbite on your nose or your dog's paws.

Ok, now for the Nitty-Gritty....

With all the new programs and services we will be offering, some of our prices will be changing... by a minimal $2. Staring February 1st, 2016 prices will be $22 for full-day daycare, $16 for half-day and $28 for overnight. This will keep us competitive with other daycares in the area. Our VIP Membership will no longer be available, though we will still honor the current VIPs. Instead, we will be offering a "Club Membership". The Club membership will be a HUGE SAVINGS for clients that use us a lot. It equals a little over $20/ month or more depending upon which package you purchase. Plus, you get a bunch of perks:

12-month Annual Membership: ($250)
Discount on all Daycare programs
Access to all Daycare packages
Access to the Enrichment Gym (by appointment)
Discount on all boarding programs
10% off all amenities including spa
10% off all enrichment classes (coming soon!)

3-month Membership: ($75)
Discount on all Daycare programs
Access to all Daycare packages
Access to the Enrichment Gym (by appointment)
Discount on all boarding programs
5% off all amenities including spa
5% off all enrichment classes (coming soon!)

The details:

  • Daycare Programs: The membership will offer discounts to our current program and our new enrichment program. We will be changing some of our daycare packages and some will only be available to Club Members. The current daycare program will still offer full-day and half-day daycare. The Enrichment program will only be available in full-day (Monday-Friday). The enrichment daycare will also have some package choices, but those will only be available to Club Members. 
  • Boarding Programs: The Club Membership will be offering discounts to our current boarding program and the new enrichment boarding. If you currently have Luxury boarding, that option will now be the Enrichment boarding. The new Enrichment boarding will offer the same things as Luxury boarding, PLUS enrichment activities during the day. The enrichment activities will be tailored specifically to what your dog likes best and fun activities with a small group of friends. We will also have our new puppy program to get your dog's boarding experience off the a great start.
  • Amenities: Club Members  will receive a discount (5-10% depending upon your package) off  all extra amenities during their dog's stay. This includes: extra walks, training, treats, spa services and more! Plus, you get your dog's nails trimmed for FREE. 
  • Enrichment Classes: These will be coming very soon! Club members will get a discount (5-10%) off of any classes we will be offering. We have some fun things up our sleeves, so stay tuned!
  • Priority Boarding: I know, this sounds like we are an airline. But again, it's a big perk for Club Members. All members will get notification when our Hotel is starting to fill. For those of you that have had to be on our wait list during holidays, you know that this notification will be nice!

With all that said, stay tuned for a Membership Deal we will be offering this month!

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