Monday, October 31, 2016

5 Halloween Treats You Can Make For Your Dog

Halloween! One of my favorite holidays, and it shouldn't just be for the two-legged creatures. Here are 5 Halloween treats you can make for your four-legged trick-or-treat visitors. Enjoy!

(links to recipes are provided under each image)

Peanuts Snack Sandwiches by Sweet Paul.

These are for humans and dogs! Hotdog mummies by Frugal Coupon Living.

Mummy bones pumpkin peanut butter dog treats by The Cottage Market.

Easy Pumpkin Halloween Dog Treats by Dalmation DIY.

Pumpkin and Cheese Dog Treats by Kol's Notes.

Last but not least, here are a few safety tips for your pet on this spooky holiday:

  1. Keep human candy away from pets. A lot of the candy given to humans can be toxic to your pet, only give your furry family member treats that are made for dogs.
  2. Don't keep lit pumpkins around your pets unsupervised.
  3. Keep wires and electrical cords out of reach from chewing mouths.
  4. Don't dress your pet up in a costume unless they are comfortable being in a costume.
  5. Don't leave your dog out in the yard on Halloween. It can be a scary night even for canines!
  6. Keep your cat indoors to keep them safe from pranks and cruelty-related incidents.
  7. Letting your dog chew on pumpkins and corn stalks may cause GI upset. 
Happy Halloween!

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