Monday, January 19, 2015

Bosco and Roxy's

The candy store treat company I am going to highlight this week is Bosco and Roxy's . We first learned about them at a dog convention in Las Vegas this past summer. They are based out of London, Ontario Canada and founded by fellow dog boarding facility owners, Michelle and Jamie Crook. Michelle and Jamie wanted to give the dogs special treats while they were boarding, so they started baking from scratch. Word slowly spread about their treat's awesomeness and soon people were asking if they could take them home. The treats have quickly spread across North America, yet they still retain that homemade touch.

This image was found on their Facebook page. Click here to "like" them.

All of their cookies are hand cut, baked and decorated. Their ingredients are human-grade and they carry wheat-free options for those sensitive stomached pups.

We also like that they have many different themed cookies to choose from, so we can pick our treats according to what's going on at Bark City.  Obviously, the theme we currently chose is because we love dogs so much and has NOTHING to do with Valentine's Day. (hahaha.)

Plus, they make really cute client pictures when balanced on noses.....

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